As of 2003, there were nearly 550 railroads in the United States, and in 2004, it is estimated that there were more than 890 railroad fatalities and nearly 8,500 railway injuries in the United States, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. In 2005, the Federal Railroad Administration estimates that there were more than 11,000 railway-crossing accidents nationwide. If you or someone you love is injured in a train accident, F. Anthony Koushan will help to review your claim and explain your legal rights.

Passengers riding on trains, subways and trolleys are entitled to a very high duty of care from the operator of the train line. If you are injured because of the negligence of the conductor or the engineer, then the train company is liable for your injuries. Unfortunately, many train companies do not readily accept responsibility for their negligence.

Train accidents can involve locomotives, MBTA commuter rail, subway, trolley, or local light rail systems. They can happen at crossings where the safety equipment fails or at unprotected crossings where there are no lights or signals to indicate an oncoming train to passenger vehicles. Trains can derail due to improper track maintenance or mechanical failure. Driver fatigue can contribute to train and railway accidents. Excessive speed is often a cause of train or trolley accidents. Train accidents can also lead to hazardous cargo spills, which can injure or kill nearby residents.

Immediate investigation and preservation of evidence is often a critical element in proving a personal injury case involving train, subway or trolley accidents. Investigation involves examination of the scene while the evidence, such as skid marks and gouge marks, is fresh.

After a train accident, it is also critical to establish contact with the investigating authorities, who often will do accident reconstructions. It is essential that you immediately hire an experienced train accident attorney to investigate your claim.  Contact the office of F. Anthony Koushan for a consultation today.