Assault in Bars, Casinos & Other Premises

What may start as a minor altercation can quickly turn into criminal charges of assault and battery. Prosecutors take these cases seriously. So should you. At the law firm of F. Anthony Koushan we will stand beside you to see that you get the criminal defense you deserve. We will put almost two decades of experience at work for you. Count on us to do everything possible to protect you from jail, from fines, and from a criminal record.

A wide range of altercations can lead to assault charges. Physical contact is not necessary. Even the threat of violence can lead to a criminal charge. When physical harm does take place, the charge may escalate to aggravated assault.

Some of the scenarios that we can defend include:

• Fights involving alcohol inside or outside of bars
• Threats of violence at the casino
• Road rage incidents
• Fights on campus

Battery / Assault is most often thought of as a criminal law issue, but if you have been the victim of a battery or assault you may also have a personal injury case. In personal injury cases, battery and assault are known as “intentional torts.”

The elements of the intentional torts of battery and assault are generally the same as the elements of the crimes battery and assault, but the required intent is different and the burden of proof necessary to find a defendant guilty is lower in a personal injury case. F. Anthony Koushan can help you understand the differences and protect your rights.

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