Pedestrian Accidents

Our cities and streets are crowded. This means that cars, bicyclists, and pedestrians have to interact and share public space and roadways. Unfortunately, not everyone understands or observes the rules of the road that govern right-of-way at crosswalks, stoplights or even stop signs.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) reports that each year nearly 5,000 pedestrians die in motor vehicle related accidents, and more than 78,000 pedestrians suffer injuries when hit by a car or truck. Thousands of non-vehicular replica relojes pedestrian accidents also occur every year. Poorly maintained properties, sidewalk or parking lot defects often contribute to the causes which can lead to such accidents. Whether a vehicle or a property defect causes a pedestrian accident or injury, victims may recover damages for the injuries suffered if someone else’s negligence caused or contributed to the incident.

Usually, any monetary compensation in a pedestrian negligence case involving a car will depend on the duty of care owed by those involved. Both drivers and pedestrians must abide by the laws of the road and show reasonable care. In many cases, it may seem obvious who was careless or negligent, but the courts look to a number of factors in applying the facts of each case to the elements of a “negligence” claim. A person who negligently operates a vehicle may be required to pay damages for personal and property damage caused by that negligence.

We understand how and why pedestrian accidents occur and are prepared to put the law on your side. However, it is important that you act quickly to protect your own rights by calling us promptly. Once you do, we can immediately begin protecting your rights and taking steps to preserve critical evidence.

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