Burn Injuries

Nearly one million people seek treatment for burns every year in the United States. Burn injuries can result from a variety of causes including scalds, contact burns, steam burns, electrical burns including lightening strikes, flash burns and chemical burns.

Severe burn injuries carry the risk of infection, dehydration, shock, electrolyte or fluid imbalance and tissue swelling that can impede circulation and breathing. People who are severely burned are often cared for in specialized burn care centers, by medical professionals who are skilled in recognizing and treating the complications associated with burns.

Burn injuries have an enormous impact upon the burn survivors and those closest to them, raising several questions: What will be the long-term physical impact of the injury? Will there be permanent disfigurement? What care will be required in the coming weeks and months, if not years? Who will pay for required care? Will the burn survivor be able to resume their former occupation?

Legal issues associated due to burn injuries are often overlooked in the initial period following such an injury. However, given the toll that such injuries can have on the lives of the victims, legal representation is often required to assist the survivor to address financial issues and to seek recompense when it was due to negligence. Getting legal help early on can be of enormous benefit in easing the burden that burn injuries can exert on the injured and their family members. Contact the office of F. Anthony Koushan for a free consultation today.